Avalon Priory Venue Details

Spiritual Community, Education & Retreat Centre

Avalon Priory is a Grade II Listed 8-bedroomed country house built in the Gothic Revival style, it has a 5 bedroom cottage with established gardens, apple orchard and 40 acres of land. It is situated just off the A39, 15 minutes outside of Glastonbury, 10 minutes from the M5 at Chilton Polden. The artist and esoteric Katherine Maltwood was one of its most famous previous inhabitants, she was living here when she discover the Glastonbury Star Zodiac, and some of her sculptures remain on the site.

The Avalon Priory is developing as a conscious sustainable spiritual community, education & holistic retreat centre with, a mix of about 4 /6 long-term residents in the Priory main building, cottage & grounds together with eventually 18 guest beds for short-term retreat visitors in the Maltwood Tower, Cottage and Centre. We envision short term WWOOFers & volunteers will be able to stay in cabins, yurts, & bell-tents.

We have plans to develop dormitories Yoga Shala/dance & artists workshop studios, in the old stables/ garage, build a Roundhouse spa and steam/ sauna in the pleasure gardens.

The aims and ethos of the centre is to create a high vibrational, safe & sacred space (sanctuary or haven) for people, animals & wildlife – this means no substances (alcohol, smoking, drugs) on the premises as well as strictly vegan food (no meat, fowl, fish, dairy, eggs, honey), organic where possible. Plus natural, vegan products used as far as possible (no fur, wool, leather, synthetics used in the furnishings and no chemical cleaning products, shampoos ,detergents, washing-powders).

By the term “conscious” meaning endeavouring to become aware of the challenges facing the planet & its inhabitants during these times of transition from the Age of Pisces to Aquarius (a.k.a. paradigm-shift, new age/era, transformation/ascension etc.) and learning how to face these in order to prosper & live more harmoniously with the Earth & Nature realms, plant & animal kingdoms, celestial & extra-terrestrial realms and each other/humanity as a whole.

Priory Facilities

The Avalon Priory is a Grade II Listed 8-bedroomed country house built in the Gothic Revival style offering 4 residential rooms for long term community members/ managers living initially in the 4 ensuite rooms for the first year to bond, tune into the Spiritual grounding and develop the ongoing vision of Priory. These rooms will be offered for B n B & to larger groups for retreats, and weddings/ handfasting, in the future when eco-cabins have been built in the grounds for the resident managers.

The two smaller Arthur and Guinevere rooms with shared kitchenette and bathrooms are available now via airbnb for private and group bookings. Both rooms have double beds & are advertised for £45 pounds single,  £85 double occupancy per night with DIY breakfast ( £20 cleaning fee per booking) 21% reduction for week long and multiple room bookings for groups. Freshly prepared vegan or raw, breakfast lunch & diner bookable in advance, from our resident cooks.

The Katherine Maltwood Tower annex has 3 Twin rooms which will be soon available for retreat or BnB use with the above shared facilities and kitchenette .

The Phoenix room at the base of the tower is available on Airbnb at £35 per person per night, with a DIY breakfast. 21% reduction for week long or group multiple bookings.

Katherine Maltwood supposedly used the top tower as her studio/ study it was whilst working in this room she rediscovered the’ Temple of the Stars’/ Zodiac as giant effigies seen in the Glastonbury landscape.

Workshop spaces

The Multi-faith Chapel

Suitable for Ceremonies ,Sacred sounds/ Chanting ,Meditation & Healing (can accommodate up to 25 seated, 30/40 standing) £80 per day, £40 morning , afternoon or eve. We have resident Celebrants, Healers, Sound & Massage therapists please contact us for more info especially regarding our wedding packages .

Drawing room

Will be our dedicated Workshop/ event hire Space  (ideal for about 12 people doing yoga or 20-30 seated) from £100 per day, £40 for the morning( 9-1pm), afternoon(1.30-5.30pm) or eve( 6-10pm) .

Group Packages For 10 Person Retreats

10 bed occupancy = £260 per night ,

so a 2 night weekend = £520 for beds

1 eve & 2 day workshop space in the drawing room = £240

1 eve 2 day Lounge/ dining hall private meal use = £125

(except for access to the main stairs for residents)

(you can chose to eat in the drawing room but the dining tables are large so you’d lose workshop space!)

Total for 10 participants for a weekend starting Friday afternoon/ eve to Sunday eve = £885

Priory Cottage – (In development, ready Easter 2019?)

12 beds , 6 retreat / BnB rooms with 2 attic chill out/ meditation rooms , kitchen/ dining room , and lounge with sofa bed.

2 triple rooms BnB £60

Retreats- £20 per bed £50 single occupancy

3 twin rooms BnB £50

Retreats- £25 per bed £40 single occupancy


The Priory Elemental Garden ,infinity meditation path  with Grotto, crescent moon pond, moveable Fire Bowl & Roundhouse Spa Sauna/ steam room ( when finished) .

– 3 fields for meditation ,walking ,camping, recently planted orchard & woodland, future plans include -Woman’s Dark Moon retreat lodges, Men’s Sun lodge permaculture & peace garden , Spirit Horse Therapy herd & parking, in all 40 acres, to explore (depending on availability due other events).


We will have a small area for camping &  Bell tent glamping for retreat participants 5-6 tents £10/15 per person per night , we are developing compost toilets near the Green house .

Retreat catering

Pete Taylor & Rondie Evans are our resident Raw Chefs, and Rachel Starseed is our resident Vegan cook see below for their contact details.

Guiding Principles

  • To view the earth & all creation as essentially a one, inter-related, undivided whole system
  • To recognise the divinity within all beings creation, living & “non-living”
  • To respect the rights of all creatures, trees & plants.
  • To appreciate the beauty within all people and see beyond superficial characteristics or appearances whilst respecting each person’s rights, uniqueness and heritage (e.g. gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, nationality, faith, religion, class/status, caste, income, ability etc.)
  • To acknowledge and respect each individual’s particular gifts, talents, experience, expertise knowledge, understanding, wisdom and realising that the strength and progress of our society depends on the pool of our abilities and working together synergistically & cooperatively rather than antagonistically & competitively (i.e. win-win scenarios rather than win-lose)
  • To act always for the betterment not only of ourselves but others, nature  and society as a whole.
  • To act mindfully & compassionately endeavouring to cause as little harm as possible and as much help, upliftment & betterment to all beings.
  • To acknowledge when we have erred, been mistaken/misguided, wronged someone, caused harm/loss and to be humble enough to accept no one is perfect, & seek forgiveness if appropriate. Whilst doing all that can be done from a space of authentic presence to make amends, to strive to improve ourselves, be non judgemental, and un hierarchical as possible and accepting the perfectness of what is present or showing up for healing and Integration.
  • To honour & respect the teachings of all wisdom sources, traditions, folklore, cultures, esoteric knowledge, religions, faiths, philosophies, science etc. To seek to understand the universe, our place within it, the processes of birth-life-death-rebirth & transformation-ascension-liberation; thus know how to live in peace, love & harmony; how to further improve our lives & those of all beings on the planet; how to move beyond war, cruelty, disharmony, destruction; and how to create beauty & prosperity.
  • Whilst on the premises to not use, or abuse any drugs, plant medicines, hallucinogens, to alter consciousness weather for spiritual development, healing or personal use . We also ask all Tobacco smokers to do so discreetly at the boundaries of the property and not to discard dog ends on the ground.
  • To learn the importance of proper nutrition (wholefood, vegan, raw), how to grow our food with minimal difficulty & maximum gain (no-dig, crop rotation), to work with the land (permaculture), to not poison the land (with chemicals / pesticides ) but to fertilise the soil (seaweed, compost, green manure/humanure)
  • To learn how to live with, treat & respect animals (wildlife and companion animals); to eschew all forms of animal exploitation (e.g. farming, food, clothing, furnishings, medicines, vivisection, circuses, transport or any other service or product)
  • To value our ancient woodlands & forests, preserve landscapes & habitats and to renew/regenerate degraded environments to create wildlife havens by mindful management, litter-clearing, tree-planting, holistic grazing and treading lightly
  • To buy Organic, consciously, live sustainably/simply and avoid unnecessary packaging, plastic, synthetics, chemicals.( we have a septic tank so no chemical toiletries / cleaning materials to be used on site)
  • To be as self-sufficient as is reasonably possible in terms of food, medicine, heating (coppice wood), electricity (renewables), straw/hay and ideally with some surplus to sell .
  • To promote activities & practices assisting in a deeper connection to one’s soul Source/Goddess (meditation, prayer, chanting, singing, music, meditative walking, reflection, contemplation, reading/study, ritual/ceremony)

Retreat & Educational themes

Lectures, workshops, courses, residential retreats/courses & events

  • Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates
  • Sound ,Healing, massage & guided journeys
  • Soul connection & meditation
  • Natural/Cosmic Law
  • Fasting, raw & vegan food preparation
  • Nature’s Cure & complementary healing
  • Homeschooling
  • Conscious dance & movement

  • Wisdom teachings, sweat lodges & ceremonies
  • Devotional chanting,
  • Healing & blessing ceremonies & rituals
  • Sacred Performance
  • Sacred sounds music & singing
  • Arts and crafts workshops
  • Equine assisted learning & human development  / horse riding & natural horsemanship
  • Ceremonies – naming, handfasting, blessed parting, passing/commemoration
  • Animal engagement (interacting and caring for the rescued animals – horses, cows & sheep)
  • Land management Permaculture & regeneration (design, tree-planting, gardening, landscaping, harvesting)
  • Eco building – straw bale/ cordwood/cob


The Priory has excellent accessibility it is 10 minutes via the A39 from Bridgewater with its regular bus & train service , there is a small local bus that visits the village of Chiltern Polden a couple of times and day . Its only 15/20 minutes from Street & Glastonbury , and the famous Glastonbury Tor can be seen from the Tower roof

Address – Avalon Priory, Priory road , Chilton Polden Hill, Bath road, Chilton Polden, Bridgwater, TA7 9AH .


Paz Banks – Director (supervising overall project, building restoration & development)

Event & B n B Co-Managers & Priory residents

Anna-Saqqara Price – Priestess of the Goddess, Ceremonialist, Sacred Artist, Massage Therapist, Healer, Women’s moon Lodge, Soul Support Systems & Equine personal development Facilitator 

Carolin Comberti – Sacred Sound healer, Singer Channeler & Local area guide

Priory Residents

Rondie Evans- Groundsman, Yoga & chi gun teacher, Crystal jewellery designer & Raw food chef.

Peter Taylor – Rawlicious Raw food chef & Sauna provider , Ji an healer, teacher & wisdom holder .


Community managers and director via avalonpriory@gmail.com Call /text FB message

Anna-Saqqara Price: 07877247105, Carolin Comberti: 07920579699, Pete Taylor: 07949992142, Paz Banks: 07989598889