Finding Goddess Wisdom

A 7-week online course with Priestess of Avalon Anna-Saqqara

With Priestess Anna-Saqqara Goddess Temple Mother and Goddess House Healer Priestess

Join me for this 7-week online Zoom course to find out more about the Avalonian Goddess Wheel and journey to meet the Lady of Avalon, The Elemental Goddesses and their elemental beings.

I will teach you the basics needed to call in the 5 elemental directions of the Avalonian Goddess Wheel, North – Air, East – Fire, South -Water, West – Earth, Space/Spirit in the centre, and the lady of Avalon in the HeartCentre. The final week will be a chance to meet and receive messages and blessings from the Lady of Avalon as embodied by me her Priestess.

Each week I will guide you on a journey to meet the Goddess in her elemental aspect, & her sacred beings, you will receive her healing wisdom, messages and gifts that you need at this time, to support you on your souls journey of wisdom and growth.

We will have time for questions and answers, and to share your experiences, wisdom, gifts, that you received from the Goddess.

I will also create a private Goddess Wisdom Facebook page of which you will be the founding members, where over the weeks you can share your deepening experiences with Goddess, and ongoing development of your connection with her.

To get the most out of this course I hope that you will be inspired to create your own Goddess Altars to practice calling Her in and connecting with Her elemental aspects, as well as finding Her in your own landscape, and share as much as you like in our facebook group.

This course is ideal for people, young or old, male or female, new to the Avalonian Goddess path, or those that have trained to be one of Her Priestesses/Priests as you can dive as deep as you wish, and you will receive the blessings, healing, gifts and personal wisdom that is ideal for your soul at this time.

Please email me at or Facebook private message me for more info and to book.