Spirit Horse

Equine Assisted Medicine Journey
Meditating with a Horse

Anna-Saqqara and Dawn have been developing this style of Equine Assisted Soul Experience together since 2012 inspired through training with Flo Aevia Magdalena and Soul Support Systems to facilitate Soul Recognition Healing Journeys, and the I.F.E.E.L institute in Equine Facilitated Human development with emotional intelligence and authentic presence sessions.
They developed Equine Assisted Soul Experience as a way to combine Soul development with Natural Horsemanship and Equine Facilitated Human Development techniques to provide deeply transformative and healing therapeutic experiences both for people and horses . These experiences are co created with Dawn’s therapy herd of horses they direct and guide us enabling a direct transmission of presence where human beings can receive the wisdom and guidance from the Spirit of Horse to empower their authentic presence.

Anna-Saqqara and Dawn

Offer 1:1 and group sessions @ The Avalon Priory

  • Equine Assisted Human Developement Session , &
    Equine Assisted Soul Experiences
    ( both are talking therapys combined with equine guided experiences/ sessions )
  • Equine Guided Healing Journeys ( where you lie on, or connect deeply with a horse to receive direct healing transmissions from them )
    1:1 90 minutes £90 approx (concessions payment plans and work exchange may be available on application)



Spirt Horse Soul Empowerment

A series of stand Alone 5 weekends of Soul empowerment which can be taken together or booked singly. It’s is held at Avalon Priory a Holistic & Spiritual retreat centre near Glastonbury, a Grade 2 listed building with castellations and tower, plus 40 acres of land.
We will work with the Heartshore natural herd of therapy horses to tap into the medicine and teachings of ‘The way of the Herd ‘ using Equine Assisted Soul Experiences to help you to learn how to listen within to gain the wisdom of the Spirit of Horse.

Combing this with Soul development & empowering exercises, ceremony, stories from the book Woman who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes to free up your wild selves and creative art/ writing These weekends are suitable for both men and women who wish to dive deep into their wild psyche, explore archetypes and the elemental natures of themselves, to gain a stronger relationship with their Inner wisdom, and be empowered to live Wildly Soulfully Present.

Soul Fire Wild Maiden Retreat

May 10, 11, 12

Join us full board at the Avalon Priory to explore and harness the power of your soul fire your true authentic wild nature that’s free unlimited and unfettered by societal restrictions/ Patriachy.

We will work with a natural herd of therapy horses to tap into the medicine and teachings of “The way of the herd” using Equine Assisted Soul Experiences to help you to learn how to harness your power to set safe boundaries, when & how to use your power your strength to focus your will to achieve your hearts desire.

We will journey with the Fire Horse and Maiden Goddess through sacred saunas, drum journeys, story’s and creative arts/writing tracking where, why, and when you shut down your wild Souls nature, or owning the anger and rage of a hurt wild maiden as we give the emotions to the fire.

We will co create a ceremony to Reclaim & honour your Soul Fire connection, balancing, tending and nurturing it so that you can step back into your lives more fully empowered and able to stay present with the fullness of your wild soul fire!

Booking Details

This runs from Friday 10th of May from 2PM until Sunday 12th at 4PM. Prices vary from full board (£280 including vegan meals and shared rooms at the Priory) to the event without accommodation (£200). Camping is also available for £220. Concessions are available on application. If you are interested in booking any of these options, require additional information or have any questions please contact Anna Saqqara on 07877247105, use the contact page or the form below.

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