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Equine Assisted Soul Experience with Soul Support Systems @ The Heartshore Horses

Taster day £75

Equine Assisted Soul Experience 5-day retreat

Presented by Soul Support Systems Facilitators Anna-Saqqara, Gabby, Ruthie, Lucia, Cher, Dawn & Carol. Hosted by Dawn Oakley- Smith & Heartshore Horses, Minchinhampton, Stroud.

Dates: Monday 26- Friday 30 June 2023

After the success of last year’s E.A.S.E. we’re keen to announce the dates for next year, book your places now on this unique Soul Healing Modality, enhanced by the Heartshore Herd.

The Equine Assisted Soul Experience (EASE) is a 5-day journey that will guide you towards an extraordinary and potent encounter with the deepest and most profound aspects of your being. It will offer real life-changing possibilities that will bring clarity, deep healing and the ability to step forward in the next stage of your life’s journey with purpose and self-confidence, courage and joy.

When the soul of a horse meets the soul of a human, magic unfolds! During numerous experiences observing horse/human soul connections, we have been amazed at the ability of the horse to acknowledge, cherish and sustain the life force of those who come to stand with them.

The Facilitators who will be supporting and guiding you on this experience have a wealth of experience. They have learned to honour horse wisdom and the capacity of the soul of the horse to open gateways for us.

“Horses give us an awareness of soul, of who we are in the deepest—where it matters; a consciousness and a sense of our connection to the divine spark within and without; a seeing and a knowing of our place in the stream of life; an ability to stand with courage in one’s centre, whatever happens.” 
Dawn Oakley Smith founder of Heartshore Horses

Our time will be shared between working directly with the horses and exercises, movement, meditations and journeying to deepen our connection to others and ourselves. In the process, things that have been held within, old hurts, grief and limiting beliefs can be gently released.

This work is truly life changing!


“Every day of the course is varied, enlightening and beneficial. I highly recommend this experience, one you will never forget.” Sandra C.

“A space of deep holding and healing and clearing…. being around the horses and the horse energy allows a depth of opening that otherwise would not be possible … it just happens without effort… one of the most opening things I have ever experienced.” Jacqueline S.

“A beautiful weekend of love, light and healing on many levels. We were ‘held’ every step of the way… Awesome experience.” Bridget

You can find out more about the horses we work with and Equine Assisted Learning here

Venue – Stroud, Gloucestershire UK

Investment – For anyone who would like to take part and finds themselves financially stretched we are offering a sliding scale exchange.

£825 full price
£750 low income
£675 concessions
£900 special, including donation (£75 will go towards a concessionary place for someone who needs it)

(Lunches and evening meal included)

Or for more information contact:

Anna-Saqqara: spirithorse@gmail.com or Ruthie: roobydoo@ymail.com

Spirit Horse Soul Empowerment 16-17 July 2022

Held at Avalon Priory near Glastonbury. Avalon Priory is vegan community and the home of the Spirit Horse herd. We will work with the a naturally cared for herd of therapy horses to tap into the medicine and teachings of ‘The Way of the Herd ‘ using Equine Assisted Soul Experiences to help you to listen within to gain the wisdom of the Spirit of Horse.

Combing this with Soul development and empowerment exercises, ceremony, movement and poetry, to free up your wild soul-self.These weekends are suitable for both men and women who wish to dive deep into their wild psyche, explore archetypes and the elemental nature of themselves, to gain a stronger relationship with their Inner wisdom, and be empowered to live Wildly Soulfully Present.

Equine Assisted Medicine Journey
Meditating with a Horse

Anna-Saqqara and Dawn have been developing this style of Equine Assisted Soul Experience together since 2012, inspired through training with Flo Aevia Magdalena and Soul Support Systems to facilitate Soul Recognition Healing Journeys, and the I.F.E.E.L institute in Equine Facilitated Human development with emotional intelligence and authentic presence sessions.

They developed Equine Assisted Soul Experience as a way to combine Soul development with Natural Horsemanship and Equine Facilitated Human Development techniques to provide deeply transformative and healing therapeutic experiences both for people and horses . These experiences are co created with Dawn’s therapy herd of horses. The horses direct and guide us enabling a direct transmission of presence where human beings can receive the wisdom and guidance from the Spirit of Horse to empower their authentic presence.

Anna-Saqqara and Dawn

Offer 1:1 and group sessions @ The Avalon Priory

  • Equine Assisted Human Developement Session , &
    Equine Assisted Soul Experiences
    ( both are talking therapys combined with equine guided experiences/ sessions )
  • Equine Guided Healing Journeys ( where you lie on, or connect deeply with a horse to receive direct healing transmissions from them )
    1:1 90 minutes £90 approx (concessions payment plans and work exchange may be available on application)

http://www.heartshorehorses.com or Anna-Saqqara 07877247104 Spirithorseherd@gmail.com

Shadow Dance with Spirit Horse 8-9 October 2022

In the Autumn we dive into the Mare-headed Goddess, Demeter’s cave of transformation deep in the earth to examine our shadows, bringing them to the darkness so that we can embrace, own and transform them. I like to think of this as upgrading our programming systems, in the dark of winter ready to re-emerge in the spring refreshed and renewed. 

Shadow dance is a term thats used when meeting and exploring our shadows, we hold up the mirror to see the false self & our shadow aspects that we often project onto others, sometimes this shadow can be our power our light as well as our dark. How often have you tried to dump all that your not owning onto the other,  wether it’s a horse, human or society ‘oh they’re so much better than me at …’ ‘oh I hate that in that person’ ‘ oh I’ve got to help/ rescue them ‘ when what your seeing is what you are not owning or what you want someone to do for you, when your not in your authentic self ? Thus not taking full responsibility for that in yourself or your life, as it’s always someone else’s fault.

On the approach to Samhain on the Horse Goddess wheel we work with the Night Mare, exploring this shadow dance of the Mari Lyd ( Grey Mare)  who pushes our boundaries and asks us to face our shadows  to embrace all that we are, as well as the Horse Goddesses the Wild Morrigan, warrior Sister’s who aren’t afraid to step up, to be and own their authentic wild nature, to protect their Tribal lands and claim their sovereignty, with courage & empowered right action. 

For me working with ones sovereign soul empowerment, is one of the key gifts of the Wisdom of Horse, their physical presence elicits a integrative approach to the mind, body, soul for personal development. There’s a special Limbic resonance/magic/empowerment that happens when working with a herd of naturally cared for horses in this authentic way – you can’t help but be real, you can’t spiritually bypass or fool a horse. When doing deep shamanic and personal development work in the presence of real horses, changes can happen quicker, and easier. It’s possible to integrate and reprogram the neuronal pathways in your brain, thus improving your body – mind – soul connection to empower your authentic self & personal sovereignty, plus the horses also receive healing to so its a co -creative process. 

If your interested in working with Dawn Oakley-smith, myself and the SpiritHorse Herd we’ve got a Shadow Dance weekend coming up soon and we offer regular SpiritHorse drum journeys & seasonally themed retreat days based on the Horse Goddess Wheel, as 1:1 & group sessions, please ask at Goddess House & see my website for more info www.priestessannasaqqara.com/ SpiritHorse  

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