Finding Goddess Wisdom 2

A 6-week online course with Priestess of Avalon Anna-Saqqara

NEW DATES: Finding Goddess Wisdom 2
EITHER: Sunday evenings 8pm – begins 30 August to 4 October
OR: Wednesdays midday – begins 2 September to 7 October
Concessions available on Wednesday group

Times are BST (UTC+1)
There are no pre-requisites for this course – it is NOT necessary to have completed Finding Goddess Wisdom 1

Existing students click here to access recordings of sessions

With Priestess Anna-Saqqara Goddess Temple Mother and Goddess House Healer Priestess

Calling on the healing energies of the Lady of Avalon, Goddesses of Avalon, 9 Crow Morgans, your Priestess/Priest self, totem guides and guardians, we will journey round the 4 Major Archetypal Goddess aspects Maiden,Lover,Mother,Crone of The Avalonian Goddess Wheel, to receive their Gifts of inner wisdom, soul healing and guidance to support you in your life-journey at this time.There is also a private online FB Goddess Wisdom group for sharing and on going support, where we value and share all our wisdom, and Gifts.

Every other Thursday at 7.30 pm we’ll meet online via a live Zoom session with time for checking in, sharing, and intention setting at the beginning, I’ll teach you a Soul Support Systems meditation to strengthen your ability to connect more deeply with your Soul / Authentic Priestess self, and teach some information on the Avalonian Goddess aspects and qualities that we’re journeying with, to prepare you to meat them. I’ll lead you in a live embodied guided journey to meet and receive the Gifts of healing and wisdom the different aspects of The Lady of Avalon, Soul Mother Goddess and Crow Morgens offer to assist you in a deep journey of release, soul healing and rebirth. Please note that in my style of embodied journeying I channel / embody the Goddesses, sometimes this comes through as Light/ Soul language sometimes direct messages of wisdom from the Goddess in response to the themes of the group / times. Generally the Morgen Crows show up first to assist in release and transformation, then the archetypal or aspect of the Goddess that were working with will offer healing and messages, but as these are inner guided journeys you will meet and interpret this Goddess Wisdom as your Soul needs for your own healing and understanding.

It is possible to just attend 1 session either online or in-person in The Goddess Temple if your just in town, or you can book for the full series of 4 Goddess Journeys, where you can receive the zoom recordings, and access via my web site to the journeys to repeat as needed for yiur personal use.

I’m also offering a open on line zoom Goddess Embodiment Group Ceremony on Thursday 28 of Oct to meet Crone Nolava. In these sessions the whole group is present for the Embodiments and each person recieves 1:1 with The Goddess as embodied by me as Her Priestess witnessed and held by the whole group. These are deep intense journeys about 2 1/2 – 3 hours long but you benefit from receiving the wisdom and healing that the Goddess offers to each participant, which is always relevant to the group as we all are reflections of each other. These sessions are £20-£30 per person as they’re such deep healing transmissions.

To book for the whole series of 5 send £110 – £68 via Pay Pal ( honesty scale – please pay what you can afford, please use the Gift / friends family option or put in extra to cover pay pal fees )
Or you can pay via instalements or weekly

To get the most out of this course I hope that you will be inspired to create your own Goddess Altar to practice calling-in & the Soul Support Meditations, connecting with Her archetypal aspects, as well as finding Her in your own landscape, and share as much as you like in our Facebook group.

This course is ideal for everyone – young or old, male or female, new to the Avalonian Goddess path, or those that have trained to be one of Her Priestesses/Priests – you can dive as deep as you wish – and you will receive the blessings, healing, gifts and personal wisdom that is ideal for your soul at this time.

Please email me at or Facebook private message me for more info.

What previous course participants have said:

“I’ve been studying Goddess traditions for almost 30 years, but I was drawn to Anna-Saqqara’s Goddess Wisdom course by her welcoming energy and her extraordinary ability to connect with Spirit. I am so glad I joined. I learned more about the deeper parts of myself that I need to explore, and I met several wonderful people in the online group, which was supportive, loving, and helpful under Anna-Saqqara’s guidance. This course is ideal for anyone seeking a stronger connection to Goddess”
Rose Finley Vanden Eden, Chicago

“I appreciate Anna-Saqqara Price’s teaching and guidance during Goddess wisdom course for her lovable, respectful, wise, amazing and clear way. These course days are always a great possibility for me to connect in a special way, together with other participants, to dive deeper in Goddess wisdom and to learn. I love to explore, to feel goddess love and all messages come right into my heart 💜🙏🏻”
Barbara Prinz, Austria

“Being a part of Priestess Anna-Saqqara Price’s Finding Goddess Wisdom course really helped me connect to the Goddess all around and within me. I always left class with more insight and a feeling of calm. I highly recommend joining her next courses to experience Anna’s magical energy and to connect with Goddess on a deeper level. 💕”
Steph Pixi Morris, Charleston, South Carolina

“Finding Goddess Wisdom with Anne Saqqara was a beautifull initiation into empowerment and finding the sovereign ways to embody your own priest and priestess self, with fun laughter and powerfull transmissions to support and nurture your own path to sacred wisdom and personal connection with the spirit of life inside. Thank you Anna, it was wonderful and greatly needed at this time of changes and transformation on our planet 💛💙💜🙏👣”
Damon Goodchild, Bournemouth, England