Wellbeing Coaching and Courses

As part of the Goddess Houses celebration of International woman’s day on March the 8 th I’m offering a woman’s wellbeing coaching course titled Queen of your self .

It’ll be a series of 8 coaching meetings for women looking to claim their power , set their goals , and claim their abundance by owning their self sovereignty. I’ll be guiding different exercises to help you explore the blocks you may have to empowering yourself .

We will also explore your relationship to food health and wellbeing and how this can be improved through group support and accountability .

I will also share exercises to assist in de-stressing , by coming more present & in tune with your body , listening within so that you can be more authentic.

For when we are truly present & at one with ourselves then we can step forward and share our gifts with the world .

Please call me for more info or to book on the course .